Summer Howarth
Ambassador, Advisory

Summer Howarth

South Melbourne, Australia

I find great teachers and help them to do their job better. When teachers do their job better, kids win. And that's what gets me out of bed every morning. Every child deserves to be successful in an education worth having. I am directing the 2018 Victorian HundrED Spotlight. What others might say... Summer has drive for and proven success in unleashing and spreading teacher led innovations and has been an instrumental leader in Australia’s contribution to the OECD work on Student Engagement and Australia’s TeachMeet movement. She’s deeply and unashamedly passionate and makes it her business to connect with anyone who pursues interest in improving the life and learning outcomes of young people. Summer has worked in every corner of the education scene, from school to university and government. Summer has been twice named on The Educator Annual Hotlist, holds positions on a number of boards, advises to the Global Educator Taskforce to the UN on Sustainable Development Goals and holds a Paul Harris Fellowship for her services to Education. In her role as Director of Learning Design & Events for Education Changemakers, Summer works with teachers, students and community leaders to solve our toughest education challenges, turning good schools into great ones. While the focus of her work is across Australia, Summer has also taught in the USA and worked with students, teachers and principals across the world. Summer is a sought after advisor & facilitator but quite simply loves kids, teachers and the teaching profession, and works to make sure everyone else does too. In 2018, Summer and the EC team have designed Australia's most accessible learning event for education professionals. In its fifth year, Educhange is an event with heart, soul and purpose, reflective of the values of the education profession itself. We can't wait to showcase the HundrED spotlight on Victoria at Educhange 2018.

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