Patrick Jack
Ambassador, Advisory

Patrick Jack


Passionate about education, I love sharing knowledge with everyone. Early child education and brain development are my main areas of interest. Also, researching about educational systems globally.

Passionate about education, I love sharing knowledge with everyone. Helping our clients get the most out of every tool and functionality we have is rewarding, to say the least. Some consider me a geek, others don't, but the fact is, I enjoy building and breaking things just for fun and to find out how things work.

I also love volunteering and helping others, for that reason I have started several social projects within the companies I've worked for. Also, researching ways of improving the lives of many (education is key) is what drives me.

The people around me is what makes me who I am. I love my family, friends, peers and the vast majority of people. My mom would say that I love everyone.

I'm a member of the Society for Research in Child Development, the Parent Researcher Collaborative, and a Ed.S in technology with focus on child development. 

What role does innovation play in education change?

It can impact generations of impoverished families, so their kids can have a better life. The earlier this impact is generates, greater are the chances of them succeeding in moving up the social ladder.