Mate Podlussany

Mate Podlussany

Budapest, Hungary

PhD applicant interested in Disruptive Learning as a potential key to a more conscious and self-aware society

Hi there,

My name is Mate, founder @ The Conscious Circle, potential PhD applicant in Political Science, Public Policy track @ Central European University (CEU) intending to study the notion and systematic applicability of Disruptive Learning in education policy. I recently finished my MSc in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, with my dissertation concerning "The Influence of Cognitive Dissonance On Entrepreneurial Decision Making Processes".

Besides having an entrepreneur father and mom as a teacher, my passion for innovation education comes from a very personal experience I went through while completing my Master’s Degree, where beyond the regularly held in-class debates about various topics were spiced up with some disruptive learning techniques.  

I was fascinated by the perception and belief change and learning curve I went through during and after these debates, which led me to the question: Can disruptive learning be the key to a more conscious, rational and self-aware society? 

Since then, I found The Conscious Circle, a debate group, which with I have been organizing various workshops and seminars at and outside University, where I tend to experiment with various theories and practices regarding disruptive learning in forms of engaging, thought provoking discussions, debates sparked with lots of game theory. I then observe and analyse these sessions and reflect on them for further improvement.

I strongly believe that disruptive learning should really be applied and integrated in not just higher, but basic education too, let's see if my experimental projects, and PhD studies will strengthen this belief ;)

Feel free to drop a message if you are interested in the topic or looking for collaboration in a related field / topic!