Joey Lee

Joey Lee

Boston, United States

As Chief Learning Officer at LiFT Learning, I work with a team to support schools and educators with technology and support in Project-Based Learning & Competency-Based Education.

My professional journey started in the classroom as a teacher at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH, USA. It was here where I was first able to put my own education into practice and begin in earnest to impact the youth in my classroom and community. This was the first place where our team was able to play and design innovative educational programs to engage learners, it would not be the last. The work was equal parts rewarding and challenging, as is anything innovative.

I was humbled to receive recognition for this work by the State of New Hampshire, USA. In this role, I attended countless workshops and speaking engagements at regional and national conferences where like-minded educators worked together to contribute to the future of education. This led to an opportunity to Join EF Education First where we focused on deepening the learning experience for hundreds of thousands of students and their educators a year through short term domestic and global travel experiences. In my current role as Chief Learning Officer at LiFT Learning, we are driven by our mission is to empower youth by providing technology and support to innovative educators.

I am driven by impact, locally and globally, and feel we have an honor and obligation to collaborate across cultures and borders to share best practices in the name of the next generation. 

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

HundrEd has given opportunity to countless individuals and organizations elevating innovations in education, all in the spirit of collective global growth for educators and learners. I am inspired and would like to contribute as best I can.