Hemant Somasekharan

Hemant Somasekharan

Paro, BT

Teacher-Researcher at a school nestled in the Himalayas Loves self-directed online learning and reading non-fiction with the exception of Lee Child's fiction. Learning about life through my newly arrived teacher, our wonderful baby Kalyani Lynch-Hemant. Married to the extraordinary Joella Hannah Lynch.

Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
5 Areas of Development
The pace at which the world is changing and will change is unprecedented. During the Pandemic, we saw how quickly established norms of life disappeared. In times like this what we need are individuals
Learner-owned comprehensive credentials anchored to the Blockchain
Blockcerts is an open standard for creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying blockchain-based certificates developed at the MIT Media Lab and by Learning Machine. These digital records are registered
Wholistic Teacher Development
Children learn when they are in a positive learning environment where curiosity and excitement are displayed by students & teachers. When students are able to see that their teachers are actively lear