Eduardo Garcia
Ambassador, Advisory

Eduardo Garcia

Ciudad de México, Mexico

Communicologist by profession, communicator by conviction. I have been enjoying the education phenomenon since I was 13 years old, from helping smaller kids homework, summer camps, English classes, to be part of an international institution as a master programa professor. I am a proud member of the Mount Rose College (Colegio Monte Rosa) Community at Mexico City, and part of a growing movement in Hispanoamerican Education by Santillana Press: UNOi. I believe in what I do and enjoy talking about this wonderful opportunity that we, the members of the education pheomenon, have: impact our community; it´s up to us to decide how to do it.

Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Redes de Tutoría
Over the past 20 years, Redes de Tutoría has sought to transform students and teachers by developing tutorial relationships and harnessing the power of one to one dialogue. The Redes de Tutoría approa
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
A suite of digital storytelling tools designed to accelerate learning by creating dynamic multimedia images, videos and 360° virtual lessons, building a visual and immersive learning experience.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Tellmi is a mental health app which provides a safe and anonymous space that helps 11-25 year olds to talk about difficult things. Tellmi uses the latest psychological research into peer support and p
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Toimintamallissa oppilaat opettavat ja toimivat tukena oman koulun opettajille ja muille oppilaille tieto- ja viestintäteknologian käytössä. Malli rakentuu kiinnostuneiden oppilaiden kouluttamisesta,
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Fuji Kindergarten
To remove boundaries between the indoors and outdoors Fuji kindergarten has turned its school roof into a circular, endless playground and put nature at the forefront of its teaching with trees growin
The world of education needs more movement. The mission is to help schools and teachers/coaches change by seeking and sharing inspiring movements (through gymnastics education). ResetMovement speciali
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
High Tech High Graduate School
The Graduate School of Education helps educators to grow their practice for effective teaching, learning and leadership in an immersive residency professional development programme.
Ribbon FINLAND 100
Campus Seminars
Expert-led talks designed to equip teachers with knowledge on a multitude of changes affecting the world today, from climate change and global health to robotics and artificial intelligence.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Roots of Empathy
Roots of Empathy(ROE) is known as one of the earliest and clearest voices in the empathy dialogue. ROE, its flagship program for elementary school children, has reached 1 million children on four cont
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Talking Stickers
Bringing words to life – improve language skills for children to be ready for primary school.
Phenomenom brings together the latest research in societal trends, student engagement and positive psychology to make fresh food (especially veg!) an exciting part of every classroom. Rather than tea
We offer schools a showcase - a conduit for parents to engage with educators and network within a wider learning community. Through our platform we want to discover the 'change-makers', individuals wo
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
UNOi is a living movement driven by people committed to educational evolution. An integrated education model of technology, learning by doing and multilingualism prepares children in a personalised ap