Darius Radkevicius
Ambassador, Advisory

Darius Radkevicius

One son of mine has grown up and is 27 years old, another is 11-year old and third is four-year old. Thus it is possible to say that you can feel a pulse, on what happened in 20 of independence years (of Lithuania). The whole education system, not only in Lithuania, the whole world, are faced with a huge challenge, similar to a crisis, because the world has undergone a drastic change in terms of technology, in terms of human communication, people's understanding of each other and who we are. Therefor a question rose - if the world is changing so fast, what should change in the education system and schools. For about forty years education system is in search for new ways on how to educate children. With the current situation parents, entire countries, teachers and children are unhappy. And currently the most advanced schools, or the most advanced thinkers talk about one or another form of integration. Some offer integration through music, others through drawings, third through happiness, forth through meditation and fifth through free choice. There are many directions and I would like follow up on them, learn from global gurus why they think so, what is the meaning, how it works, how it looks in schools that use it and share this knowledge with everyone. All mine interview are for free on Youtube. For today I am a member of Vilnius City Council and a member of Committee on Education and Culture.

For today I am a member of Vilnius City Council and a member of Committee on Education and Culture.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

To share and to receive ideas how to improve the education like a system.

How can education support students to flourish?

To help them to create to open to find the conclusions by themselves. To create different lectures, with visualisation, with ambitious tasks, with teamworking.

What role does innovation play in education change?