Claire Evans

Claire Evans


Claire, academic director of Yo Invento, a project which started in the Los Ríos region of Chile and which has grown steadily and now includes students from Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador

Yo Invento
The possibilities are infinite. What will you invent? An invention program for school students, Yo Invento provides the opportunities to develop 21st Century Skills as students follow the 7-step engin
Invent Future Global
To enable and empower students to invent and innovate the future in a gIobal context. In the past, the measure of education was “What do you know?” Now all the facts are easily obtained online. Today,
School of Humanity
School of Humanity is an online-first high school with an interdisciplinary curriculum and progressive learning model. The mode equips learners with the competencies, mindsets, and behaviors needed to