Ankit B

Ankit B

Bengaluru, India

A traveler at heart, new adventures excite me as much as new project opportunities to do good work. I'm currently working towards solving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals through my efforts, and have started my own company in this space, The Happy Llamas. I hope to do work which makes a positive impact at a global scale. Hit me up for collaborative opportunities, and if you'd like to help and make an impact at this scale.

Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
THINK Global School
THINK Global School is a travelling high school where students live and learn in four countries a year, making unforgettable connections between their education and the world around them.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Big Picture Learning
Big Picture Learning makes personalized education more manageable by breaking students up into small groups, called an advisory. Each advisory is supported and lead by an advisor, a teacher that works
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
CommunityShare transforms cities into human libraries through an online platform and offline relationships that connect local community expertise and knowledge to real-world learning experiences with
Ribbon HALL OF FAME 2022
World's Largest Lesson
Standing alongside partners including UNICEF and UNESCO, we produce free and creative resources for educators to teach lessons, run projects and stimulate action in support of the Sustainable Developm
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
AccessEd believes young people deserve to access quality education at the highest level. We help local-global partners incubate, build and scale new university access solutions based on a model from t