What is HundrED? 

HundrED is a global non-profit based in Finland that improves education through impactful innovations. We are a small team making a big impact on the world. Read more about our team here.

How is HundrED funded? 

We are funded by generous global partners as well as regional and thematic partners that fund specific projects. All operations are non-profit. If you are interested in becoming a partner, head to our partners FAQ at the bottom of this page.

How can I get involved with HundrED? 

There are several ways, from signing up to our newsletter to becoming an ambassador and much more. Keep reading below to learn more about our different community members.


What is a HundrED innovator? 

HundrED Innovators are trailblazers transforming the world of K12 education through their impactful and scalable work. These include innovators recognised by the HundrED Research Team in the Global Collection or Spotlights.

How do I apply to be selected?

To apply, you need to make an innovation page that will be publicly visible and select the Collection you wish to apply for. You will also need to create a HundrED account so we know who to contact regarding the innovation. To start the process, go to our Innovations page and then click the blue button called 'create innovation page' then the ‘Create an Account’ button or ‘Login’ if you already have an account. For more detailed information about what to put in your innovation page in the following two articles:

What does it mean to be selected? 

All selected innovations have undergone a research process. For each Spotlight and Global Collection, a shortlist of innovations based on the criteria of impact and scalability is created by the HundrED Research Team. Once an innovation is shortlisted as a possible candidate for selection, the innovations are sent to the HundrED Academy, a group of education experts from around the world who evaluate each innovation based on the information provided on the innovation page and external sources. Once the review process finishes, the HundrED Research Team reviews all HundrED Academy comments in order to inform the final selection. All selected innovations are considered highly impactful and scalable.

Is there a fee to be part of HundrED? 

No, being involved with HundrED is completely free! 

Why wasn’t my innovation selected? 

For each Spotlight and Global Collection our research team and Academy take into account various balancing factors so that they include the different aspects of education (e.g. assessment, leadership, skills, whole school models etc.) as well as a global representation of education. 

When do I find out if my innovation has been selected? 

All selected innovators for the Global Collection will be notified in August. Due to the volume of innovations we review, we do not notify those who are not selected. If you were selected for a Spotlight, you will be notified a few months before the end of the project.

How do I reapply? 

After submitting your innovation page, you are automatically considered for all future Spotlights and Global Collections, we just ask that you regularly update your page every 3-4 months to reflect the inspiring growth and work you have done!

Can I make multiple innovation pages? 

Definitely! In fact, for organisations and schools, we recommend highlighting a specific practice or solution that is scaling or has the potential to scale to other contexts. For example, if you are a school with an incredible holistic assessment tool AND an exciting teacher development program we would encourage you to make two separate innovation pages. 

Selected Innovators

What does it mean to be a selected innovator?

HundrED supports our innovators for free in a variety of ways including:

  • Global Recognition: As a HundrED innovator, you are recognized as one of the most impactful and scalable innovations in the world. Your innovation will be featured on HundrED’s website, and you will be sent our media kit for your website, social media, and email signatures.
  • Visibility: We will promote your innovation via our media channels, you can contribute to thought leadership pieces, and you will be invited to speak at relevant in-person and virtual events.
  • Connections: You will be connected to the rest of the HundrED community and have exclusive access to our exclusive Connect service to help you meet members of the extended HundrED network that can help you achieve your growth goals.

What is expected of me as a selected innovator?

While you are not required to engage with HundrED or our community to retain your status as a selected innovator, most of our innovators are excited to engage with us in several ways:

  • Community: We are always looking for more innovators, ambassadors, schools, and experts to join our growing movement of education changemakers.
  • Media: The message that change is already happening only spreads to local communities through our community spreading the word in their networks, and our innovators are some of the most influential within their respective communities.
  • Connections: The only way to help innovations spread is through connections in other countries, and our innovators across over a hundred countries help by tapping into their networks to benefit each other.


What is the HundrED Community?

The HundrED community is a movement of people from almost every country that believe in our mission to help every child flourish in life. HundrED firmly believes change only comes from like-minded people working together towards a common goal. The HundrED community comprises innovators, ambassadors, youth ambassadors, the Academy, funders, and others from over almost every country. 

How can I join the Community?

You can join by creating an innovation page, applying to be an ambassador, or just stay informed by signing up for the newsletter. For all the opportunities to get involved, click this link to our community page.

Does HundrED put on events?

Yes. At HundrED, we host a variety of online and in person events. Our most popular event is the HundrED Innovation Summit, hosted in Helsinki annually. The event is exclusive for the innovators selected in our Global and Spotlight collections and therefore, is invite-only. Additionally, we host HundrED GLocals around the world with the help of our Ambassadors, have virtual meetups, webinars, twitter chats, etc. as ways to engage our global community through events. 

Who are the HundrED Ambassadors? 

HundrED Ambassadors are teachers, school principals and a variety of global education stakeholders passionate about bringing change in K12 education through impactful innovations. Learn more here.

What should I expect as an Ambassador?

  • Help find and promote inspiring innovations selected by HundrED.
  • Inspire local communities by sharing articles, spreading HundrED research, and creating a movement.
  • Host events that promote HundrED innovators and grow the community.

What should I NOT expect as an Ambassador?

  • To get support in promoting innovations that have not been selected by HundrED.
  • To be employed by HundrED, receive a HundrED email account or solicit projects under HundrED Brand without our consent.
  • To receive special considerations for your innovation to get selected in our Global or Spotlight collections.

Can I directly apply to be an Academy or Advisory Member?

Yes, you can directly apply to be an in both the Academy and Advisory. You simply need to fill out the interest form on the Academy or Advisory page. If you are an existing Ambassador, you can also inform Pukhraj Ranjan, our Head of Community & Impact to share your interest in these roles.

Can I directly apply to be a HundrED Country Lead?

No. The country lead is a position open only to existing HundrED Ambassadors. To be a Country Lead, one must have been a HundrED Ambassador for at least 3 months and have participated in at least 1 advisory/academy or have an extremely clear understanding of HundrED’s innovation selection criteria.

Where and how can I recommend innovations or other Ambassadors to HundrED?

HundrED Ambassadors can invite innovations and education experts on behalf of HundrED. We encourage our ambassadors to help support the innovations in filling the innovations pages up, when needed. Ambassadors can also connect the innovators and ambassadors directly to our Head of Community & Impact, Pukhraj Ranjan (

What is the Academy or an Advisory Board? 

HundrED Academy members make up an eclectic mix of stakeholders spanning the breadth of education related fields. The expertise of our Academy Members is essential to help inform our selection of innovations in the annual Global Collection. Learn more here.

A smaller yet equally inspiring group of education stakeholders, called HundrED Advisory, help inform our selection of innovations for the various regional and thematic Spotlights. Learn more here.

What should I expect as an Academy or Advisory Member?

  • As an Academy member, over the course of 2 weeks in July, you will be asked to dedicate 5-8 hours to review a batch of around 25 innovations that have been shortlisted by the HundrED Research team. 
  • As an Advisory member, the same two weeks of reviewing can occur at various points in the year depending on each Spotlight Project. Even here, you will be asked to dedicate 5-8 hours to review a batch of around 25 innovations that have been shortlisted by the HundrED Research team. 
  • This is an excellent professional development opportunity where you gain a better understanding of leading education innovations globally. 

What should I NOT expect as an Academy or Advisory Member?

  • Reviewing each innovation takes time in order to fully understand their impact and scalability. This is not a quick process, however it is highly rewarding. 
  • Neither the Academy nor the Advisory membership are paid. We seek Members that are highly enthusiastic about innovation in education globally. Most of the feedback from previous HundrED Academy & Advisory Members is that they learned a lot about innovation in education today and valued the experience a great deal. Asa result, most of the Academy decide to participate annually.

Who are Youth Ambassadors? 

HundrED Youth Ambassadors are changemakers passionate about education. They are the future innovators of the world who are excited to lead the movement and shape the future of education. Learn more here.

What should I expect as a Youth Ambassador?

HundrED Youth Ambassadors meet once a month on online groups calls, during which they have the opportunity to meet selected HundrED innovators and develop their leadership skills. Youth Ambassadors are also expected to write thought-pieces that are published on our website, interact with our community events as well as host their own SDG projects which they get mentorship and support from the HundrED network. 

What should I NOT expect as a Youth Ambassador?

HundrED Youth Ambassadors are encouraged to manage their own participation in the one year program. Micromanaging is not going to help anyone, so when applying make sure you are extremely committed to completing the basic requirements of the program.

Why can’t I apply for the HundrED Youth Ambassador cohort now?

We open the HundrED Youth Ambassadors applications every year at our Innovation Summit. The application process lasts from November to December every year. You can, however, leave your interest at any point in the year by filling out this form and we will remind you to apply for the role when it opens!

Can I join the HundrED Academy or Spotlight Advisory as a young person without being a HundrED Youth Ambassador?

We value the student voice in everything we do. As we research and select innovations for the Global Collection, we invite youth aged 12-20 from around the world to share their insights and feedback on submissions. To register, simply fill out the interest form on the Academy or Spotlight Advisory page.

What is a Country Lead? 

HundrED Country Leads are our leading Ambassadors, ready for deeper involvement with HundrED’s mission to improve education, and believe the best way to that is through impactful innovations. Learn more here.

Can I join the Academy or Spotlight Advisory as a Country Lead?

Yes, and you can also recruit others to join the Academy or Spotlight Advisory. Simply head to the Academy or Advisory page and fill the interest form.

What is the HundrED Funder’s Collection? 

The HundrED Education Funders Collection is a selection of inspiring education funders who share our passion to help every child to flourish in life, no matter what happens. The Collection features information on funders’ investment themes, target regions, and support structures in order to help our innovators find investment partners that can help them scale their impact. See a preview here or contact us to be featured as a funder at

What is HundrED Connect? 

HundrED Connect is an invitation-only platform committed to helping the education community thrive. Selected Innovators work with the HundrED team to prioritize and get connected with the right people to help them spread. Login here if you have been selected by HundrED.


How can I follow HundrED on social media? 

You can follow HundrED on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn @hundredorg, and on Instagram @hundred_org. 

Can HundrED promote me on its social media channels?

HundrED exclusively promotes innovations that have been selected and recognized in our Global and Spotlight collections. Additionally, we use our social media channels to inform our community about official partnerships like HundrED Spotlights, Helsinki Education Week, etc. We do not promote innovations that have not been vetted or selected by our Research team.

What is the HundrED Newsletter?

HundrED Newsletter is a monthly update from our team that elaborates on what is happening within our network. From relevant articles, opportunities, events and calls to action - you can find all key news in our email newsletter.

Can I publish an article on HundrED’s website? 

We love hearing from education leaders around the world and as Country Leads, we would love to capture the challenges and opportunities faced by your local education community. We can not promise if all shared articles will be published but connect with Mariah O’Mara, our Head of Media with what you would like to share.

Who do I contact about media inquiries regarding HundrED? 

Any media inquiries can be sent directly to our Head of Media Mariah O’Mara ( 


Does HundrED fund organisations? 

No, HundrED does not directly fund organisations. We are currently not a grant-making organisation and have no funds set aside to fund innovations. However, we always try to help connect innovators with relevant funders from our network.

Who are HundrED’s partners?

HundrED has global partners that generally fund us as well as spotlight partners that sponsor specific projects. We are always interested in conversations with like-minded partners around the world, so please contact us if you identify with our mission.

How can I partner with HundrED without sponsoring you?

We engage with non-financial partners on a case by case basis. If you think there is a mutually beneficial partnership between our organisations, please contact us at