Project Based Learning innovations

Project based learning is a recurring topic in education today, the interdisciplinary way of engaging students in a variety of subjects through a project is a powerful tool in learning. The following collection offers ways to incorporate project based learning within the curriculum.
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Open Way Learning
We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a singular mission to help schools develop, sustain, and scale systems of learner-centered innovation that better prepare students for the realities of the 4th Industri
STEM Framework for latinamerican teachers
Movimiento STEM is the leader of the STEM Ecosystem in Mexico. Initiative by Global STEM Alliance and STEM Learning Ecosystems. We created the STEM teaching approach for Mexico and LATAM. Teachers acq
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Continuous In-Service Training for Public Primary School Teachers (CITPPST)
Only 40% of classroom teachers in Nigeria are qualified to teach in the classroom (TRCN,2017) yet the system depends on this bulk of teachers who are mostly untrained to deliver the curriculum. Our so
I have create an appliance for poor countries and cities... to distribuit web content WITHOUT an internet connection... Think about schools with lots os cellphones, tablets and a poor connection...
Teachers' Conference NG
A World Bank research reveals that only a quarter of Nigerian teachers have mastered the subject knowledge/skills their learners need to be productive in the 21st century. We designed a Continuous Pro
Geographic Tales for Children and Young people
How many J. R. R. Tolkien will pass through school with his literary vocation, but develop its full potential? How to give the pencil of imagination to children authors using maps to present geographi
Future Class Network
Due to COVID-19, classes were completely put to a stop. Alternative attempts were made towards a partial transition to online-based classes. It was ineffective, however, due to the teachers’ limited a
SuperBee Beeswax Wraps DIY Kit and education about plastic alternatives
SuperBee DIY Kit is a project that teaches students about living a sustainable and regenerative life. By educating students on the environmental issues around plastic, they can learn to choose plastic
Na letra da lei: um projeto de letramento jurídico para o ensino médio
Trata-se de um material didático voltado a professores do ensino médio que objetiva desenvolver o conhecimento jurídico nessa etapa de ensino. Nas atividades propostas, os alunos vão olhar para o seu
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Aula 42
Aula 42 empowers teachers throughout Latin America to develop 21st century skills in their students through Project Based Learning. Our teacher training program and platform of free, curriculum-aligne
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Learning Creative Learning
Learning Creative Learning (LCL) is a free online course and ongoing global community to explore principles and strategies to engage people in creative learning experiences, i.e. working on projects t
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
My Little Garden - By The Little Urban Farm
In a world where everyone is online, our innovation brings students back to nature. Connecting science, mathematics, chemistry, emotional intelligence, kindness and compassion is easy to understand wh