Parents and Caregivers innovations

Parents are a key stakeholder in education by supporting the learning of their children and partnering with teachers and educational leaders .
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Rocket Learning
Rocket Learning’s solution is technology and community-enabled behaviour change – creating the social incentives and behavioural nudges to pull parent communities to engage with children and teachers.
Extraordinary Daily Learning Map
Early childhood education has been facing a massive drop out due to the pandemic. Schools are reinventing themselves and parents are performing the role of mediators to enable children's learning proc
Aprendizajes Meaning
Soñamos con que el apoyo al aprendizaje que reciben los niños no dependa del lugar donde nacieron. Nos enfocamos en el desarrollo socioemocional y académico de los niños. Para eso conectamos con los a
Aural Intelligence
The knowledge, management and, training of the Aural Intelligence will provide us with better and more efficient tools and resources for Educational and Affective communication not only in the pre-ver
Inspiration Garden
Through providing the space and programs for student, teachers and parents’ development, Inspiration Garden fosters a community of experience rather than a community of knowledge. These programs cater
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Ginnie & Pinney 'Learn & Grow'
An innovative, award winning eight book series and animated videos helping young children develop ethical thinking, emotional intelligence and social and emotional wellbeing designed to stimulate live