Numeracy innovations

Numeracy refers to the ability to understand and work with numbers.
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LearnWithMe empowers low-income learners with curated and free offline access to reality-based learning through pre-recorded audio-visual lessons cutting across various subjects, weekly assessments an
KAINO is an EdTech product in form of WEB and MOBILE applications that can be used by pre-primary schools and nursery parents to teach children how to READ and WRITE in just 1 month.
Math Camp-In
If you are looking for s'more ways to engage families in mathematics, check out Math Camp-In! Children solve camp-themed math problems and earn camp badges while they "hike" to seven different Trail
Eduten Playground
Eduten Finland Math is the leading choice of teachers in more than a thousand schools across Finland. It is a gamified learning platform that brings a scientifically proven improvement to learning res
Trigonik is a strategy board game for two players in which each player races their respective 30 tokens from start to finish ( Anti-clockwise in Centre of the Board ) according to the rolls of two die
Strategic Program for developing problem solving skills and critical thinking using applied math
I have developed an online mathematics platform by which math teachers can train, engage and entertain students to not only learn mathematics but also apply it to solve real-life problems. I have used
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
People’s Action for Learning (PAL) Network
People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network) is a south-south partnership of 15 member organizations working across three continents to assess children’s basic reading and numeracy skills aimed
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
onecourse is onebillion's response to the global education challenge: a comprehensive, personalised learning software, which enables children anywhere in the world to become literate and numerate in t
Qatari Sign Language Multiplication Table
The sign language multiplication table is a method of understanding the multiplication tables by using numbers in sign language, in which the fingers of the two hands are used in representing the numb
Parents for Parents
The innovation assists parents from economically marginalised section of the society to get involved better with their children in the pursuit of maintaining learning practices at home during Covid-19
We create daily engaging home-based family-oriented content that augments curriculum, alleviates student & parent math anxiety and increases mathematical thinking using visual technology. Sample acti
Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Digital
Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Digital (ELLN Digital) is a teacher professional development course for K to 3 teachers that uses a low-tech, inclusive blended learning approach. Designed for sc