Media Literacy innovations

Media Literacy provides a framework to access, analyse, evaluate and create messages in a variety of forms.
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By using a largely visual approach to address complex problems, we are able to powerfully demonstrate Creativity in Action. We address vital topics such as Digital literacy, Over-Consumption, Clima
Amidst the pandemic, only virtual learning is not a practical solution for equitable education in low income communities. Learning centres compliment digital learning with providing space for students
It is an integral proposal of 10 different programmes to improve the acquisition of skills and motivate learning: - Acquisition of 21st century skills for personal and professional development - Ma
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Global Oneness Project
The Global Oneness Project brings the world's global cultures alive in the classroom. They provide award-winning films and photo essays which explore cultural, social, and environmental issues and acc
Young Reporters for the Environment
YRE educates and empowers young people aged 11-25 to research local environmental issues and promote solutions through investigative reporting, photography, and video journalism.
Going to School Fund
We design and deliver stories to enable young people to take on and solve the biggest problems of our time. Most of our stories feature young women hero entrepreneurs doing new kinds of work, running
Teachers Academy Africa
TEACHERS ACADEMY AFRICA is set up as an organization and an EdTech solutions provider with a strong commitment and focus on the professional development of teachers. We explore innovative approach wit
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
The Economist Educational Foundation
We enable inspiring discussions about the news in schools by providing educational news content, teacher training and resources. We also bring together schools from different communities and countries is a nonprofit platform that lets anyone sponsor monthly Internet fees and devices for the undeprivileged high school students living in refugee camps and rural areas.
Reality and Fiction in Kindergarten
The topics 'fear' and 'reality and fiction' are discussed on the basis of a children’s book and the children are introduced to special-effects technology.
Organization of teaching and introduction to computational thinking
In order to meet the requirements of today’s heterogeneous school classes and digital change, the Val-de-Ruz school district has adapted its organization and abandoned the traditional teaching style—w
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
NUSHU – Earthling News in 3D
A series of Augmented Reality adventures about international current affairs. NUSHU is an alien whose mission is to understand humans and send reports back to its own species. Students get to interact