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The practice of teaching and learning mathematics.
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Maths on the Move
Today’s children may be the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Knowing that active children do better, Aspire want to change that. Combating inactivity requires
Un violon dans mon école
A violin can change the world helps socially disadvantaged children perform better in school by teaching them to play the violin—a challenging instrument—through consistent instruction from ages four
Aula20 - Teacher Training Program
During Covid-19 pandemic, the comprehensive long-term program for K-12 teachers was adapted, so it would not be stopped during the quarantine. Teachers from urban and rural slums were reached via What
Nos Vemos en la Escuela (NVELE - See you Back in School) after COVID-19
Since 2019, NVELE creates alternative classrooms placed in any available community space to motivate children and adolescents (C&A) from slums and rural areas to return to school. During COVID-19, the
Alea Learning
Since the pandemic, kids are spending hours every day on metaverse platforms like Roblox. They use it to socialize, play games, and make friends. We’re helping parents put that time to good use. Alea
Algorithm Hub
For technology enthusiasts who need to learn programming, our educational gaming platform is the perfect solution for students to learn through out-of-class entertainment.
Evidence-Based Supervision (EBS)
EBS helps teachers diagnose areas for improvement and provide them with subject specific or pedagogical knowledge to support their on-going CPD. It was developed to improve teaching quality in educat
Liber Domus
The world's first educational adventures role-playing 3D game for learning and schooling of mathematics & science 6th grade curriculum. We created a game engine alongside an educational gamified archi
Better World Ed
Better World Ed is the globally adaptive curriculum resource to help you(th) love learning about self, others, and our world. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that’s engaging, real-world, and academic.
Maître Lucas a teacher available everywhere in the world for French, Maths and Sciences
Maître Lucas is creating digital content (videos, exercises, video games) in order to offer free lessons in language, maths and sciences for french-speaking students in primary schools everywhere in t
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Impact Network eSchool 360 Model
Even though more children are attending school, learning outcomes are not drastically improving. The eSchool 360, is a holistic education program centered on empowering teachers with tablets, activit
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Global Sky Partners
To provide sustainable, scalable education projects using robotic telescopes, we created Global Sky Partners. The partners use Las Cumbres Observatory's unique telescope network as an educational tool