Engineering innovations

Engineering combines science and technology to foster understanding on design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.
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We Share Solar
We Share Solar teachers lead students in building a 12-volt DC stand-alone solar system, the We Share Solar® Suitcase. Students learn about global energy poverty, basic electricity, solar energy, and
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
A freeform model-making system that allows students to physically explore designs and bring their architectural projects to life.
Startable Pittsburgh
Startable Pittsburgh™ is a free program that teaches high school students entrepreneurial and maker skills. Students work in teams to design, prototype, build, brand, and market products of their own
SolarSPELL: Solar Powered Educational Learning Library
SolarSPELL is a portable, rugged, solar-powered digital library that increases access to educational information in offline, off-grid schools. SolarSPELL generates an offline WiFi hotspot, to which an
Creativity Club - Karak
More than 14,000 young people have been sponsored by the club, for the purpose of motivating their research activity in various fields such as Artistic creation and Scientific Innovations.