Displaced Children innovations

Child displacement is the removal or separation of children from their parents and immediate family or settings. There are a variety of cases that can cause children to be displaced from their families and social settings.
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Afrogiveness Movement (#Afrogiveness)
Coined from "Africa" and "forgiveness", #Afrogiveness is a Peace Education Initiative that offers learning opportunities and psychosocial support to traumatized youth/student survivors of conflict/per
Aulas de Paz - Peace Classrooms
Aulas de Paz by Aseinc was born from the need to build a culture of peace & non-violence in vulnerable schools from urban & rural slums. It aims to spread the initiative and actions to families & comm
Speed Schools: an innovative 9-month accelerated education model for Out of School Children (OOSC)
There are 128m children out of school in crisis-affected countries. Girls in crises are 2.5 times more likely to be out of school. Through an innovative model called Speed Schools, we reached over 115
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Thaki advances digital inclusion and bridges learning gaps by providing laptops with preloaded educational content for refugee and underserved communities in the Middle East. We leverage the circular
Nakuru Home Schooling
Families and parents wanted an improvised way to have their children educated in a safe and trusted learning learning environment. This is where Nakuruschooling was born. It is a program that gets ch
Go So High Foundation is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political registered organization aiming at nurturing, educating and empowering marginalized children to discover themselves and unleash th
Cancer Kids Tutors
Pediatric cancer patients face challenges during treatment that interfere with proper education. The COVID pandemic and political turmoil have worsened the quality of education. The oncology program h
Cluster Learning for Refugee Children in Uganda
The Cluster Learning Approach offers a simple, sustainable early education model that places communities at the heart of education provision and removes the need for costly classrooms and staff. By
Ukrainian Emergency Education Package
Tech-free, cost-free, low-resource requiring learning materials for 4 – 16-year-olds in Ukrainian and English. The Integration Modules foster intercultural understanding between refugees and host coun
Afghanistan Emergency Education Package
Builds on EAA’s award-winning Internet Free Education Resource Bank (IFERB) and includes holistic learning that is cost-free, screen-free, low-resource requiring, and engaging. Modules such as Surviva is a nonprofit platform that lets anyone sponsor monthly Internet fees and devices for the undeprivileged students living in developing countries. Every cost, student, project is docu