Design Thinking innovations

Design thinking refers to the cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts are developed.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
De-a Arhitectura
De-a Arhitectura is a community of built environment professionals and teachers shaping a better future through architecture education for children, youth and adults. Our programs foster creativity an
My School Can Be Cool
My School Can Be Cool is an educational program which through participatory design processes reshapes the face of schools in Romania. The pupils, guided by an architect and a teacher, have the opportu
Discovering New Artists (DNA)
DNA is a youth led social enterprise that provides an innovative space for children to utilize their strengths, discover their identities, find meaning in the community and explore the world connectio
A high school graduate in Liberia may never go to college and is not prepared for the real world. Only 9% of graduates enrol; the majority enter the workforce directly. Secondary education is vital, b
Global Youth Forum
The Global Youth Forum brought together over 800 students from 90 schools and across 9 countries. Students joined together online from Australia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, China, Japan, Philippines,
WorkWonder by Bayha Group
Companies worldwide struggle to hire and diversify as global talent shortages hit a 15-year high. WorkWonder applies decades of educational research and industry partnerships to create a pipeline for
BeeHub offers online courses and offline workshops for children aged 7-14 across the country. By holding online collaborative discussions, we create a safe and vibrant virtual space for children to sh
A community of more than 20000 educators built the fastest-growing collective educational portal in N. Macedonia. Building a portal from teachers for teachers, the EDUINO team developed 4723 video les
MAD-learn is Mobile App Development for every classroom. This web-based tool empowers any teacher—not just technology teachers—to engage students in app development, from a book review app in English
Think Tank. An Imaginative Journey where the invisible becomes visible.
The Think Tank never requests, it proposes, shares, presents, and inspires its community to create art pieces that are expressive of their own experience. It thrives on the inter-action with the st
Paper Satellite aka PaperSat is a 3D puzzle that models the shape of a 1U cubesat in terms of dimensions. Aimed towards the junior innovators (age group: 3-6 years) to stir their interest towards
Wezesha STEM Club
STEM Club offer learners the opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) topics through interactive activities, allowing them to experiment, ask questions & experience