Critical Thinking innovations

The process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion.
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STEM Framework for latinamerican teachers
Movimiento STEM is the leader of the STEM Ecosystem in Mexico. Initiative by Global STEM Alliance and STEM Learning Ecosystems. We created the STEM teaching approach for Mexico and LATAM. Teachers acq
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Continuous In-Service Training for Public Primary School Teachers (CITPPST)
Only 40% of classroom teachers in Nigeria are qualified to teach in the classroom (TRCN,2017) yet the system depends on this bulk of teachers who are mostly untrained to deliver the curriculum. Our so
Si escribimos juntos, escribimos mejor
En el bachillerato en el cual trabajo como docente los estudiantes del último semestre realizan un trabajo de investigación denominado problema eje el cual les permite certificarse del bachillerato. L
Laying the Foundation for Quality Teacher Professional Development: The Teacher Learning Center
Teacher Learning Center (TLC) is initiated as one of the solutions to cater the limited access and diverse needs of Teachers Professional Development. It’s a structured independent learning organizati
MasterCoach is a professional development program that enhances mastery, agency and purpose among educators, to create blended-learning ecosystems and 21st century classrooms that embrace quality, equ
MindPrint Learning
With 1 hour of a student's time we enable teachers to effectively meet the academic and social emotional needs of every learner. Our proprietary, normed cognitive screener measures complex reasoning,
EAFIT Children’s University
EAFIT Children’s University has developed science communication activities enabling the exchange of ideas among the participants aiming to contribute to the education through the construction of knowl
Passport of Competences for the 21st century
When students finish compulsory education, they receive a quantitative classification and a certificate that validates students' knowledge. But what about other competences? Beyond knowledge, students
VESS,redefining education from the neuroeducation sciences for a wise, balanced and meaningful life
Education needs a profound transformation, innovation is a process, not an event. We developed a holistic, eclectic & scalable model based on research that is helping schools to develop cultures of
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Teach Easy by Accelerated Learning
Blending behavioral sciences, technology and classroom data, we are building a teacher-coaching platform called TeachEasy from the ground up for the Ethiopian context. TeachEasy is specifically design
Na letra da lei: um projeto de letramento jurídico para o ensino médio
Trata-se de um material didático voltado a professores do ensino médio que objetiva desenvolver o conhecimento jurídico nessa etapa de ensino. Nas atividades propostas, os alunos vão olhar para o seu
The Alchemist Lab- Building STEAM skills for 21 century educators
In the Middle East, school curriculums have been slow to adopt STEAM education, leaving our students behind in acquiring these important skills. As we believe that every change starts from the classro