After School Programs innovations

After School Programs take place after the regular hours of school and are usually offered by an additional organisation.
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Innokids developed a six-month online training curriculum for aged 10 to 16 where children will develop life skills, soft skills, tech skills, and business skills. Under this program, there is three m
Discovering New Artists (DNA)
DNA is a youth led social enterprise that provides an innovative space for children to utilize their strengths, discover their identities, find meaning in the community and explore the world connectio
The ScholarLink Acacdemy
The ScholarLink Academy is a powerful all-in-one e-learning platform that helps learners gain access to quality education digitally from any part of the world. The platform fights unemployment among q
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Street Racket - anyone, anytime, anywhere
Street Racket from Switzerland is a unique and very versatile concept that provides education, sports and empowerment for all. We focus on active learning in motion and on making sports possible for e
MoovKids supports the development of the fundamental movement skills which every child should master by age 8. This structured ready to use curriculum and instructional video resource with search opti
Rybakov School Award
RSA is the first tutorial game that helps educational organizations create communities. In two years more than 7,000 educational organizations from 29 countries participated in it – teachers and head
Masahati Students Club
The Masahati Student Clubs program builds cohesive societies which foster wellbeing in development and humanitarian contexts. It is an after-school program that provides alternative spaces for public
My innovation is about providing quality educational opportunities for underprivileged girls from low income backgrounds. From research, its been observed that poverty is a major factor that imped
Speed Schools: an innovative 9-month accelerated education model for Out of School Children (OOSC)
There are 128m children out of school in crisis-affected countries. Girls in crises are 2.5 times more likely to be out of school. Through an innovative model called Speed Schools, we reached over 115
Kennis series
We believe to transform conventional early childhood education into blended learning. We developed book based mobile applications for kids. This is the need of era to integrate technology in teaching
ThinkZone FLN Fellowship Program trains and supports youth to become education leaders via a blended approach of self-guided data-driven mobile technology and instruction-led learning. Youth become sk
Young Educators Challenge (YEC) - by Project ID
YEC is a student competition where students compete to design and deliver their ideal online lesson. Here, students to walk in the teacher’s shoes in conducting their ideal version of a 21st-century c