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About HundrED

We are a mission-driven organisation specialised in K-12 education innovation.

We at HundrED are dedicated to helping every child flourish by giving them access to quality education. We believe that with education innovations we can transform school systems and equip students with the skills to thrive as global citizens.

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Our mission

The world is full of hardworking educators who are driving innovative, impactful, and scalable approaches in education. Our mission at HundrED is to give them the recognition and visibility they deserve.

Our impact

At Hundred we believe that through identifying, amplifying, and facilitating the implementation of education innovations we can transform education systems and equip students with the skills to thrive as global citizens.

The Messy Middle

Who we are

Meet the HundrED core team. We are a community of education experts, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, designers, and more.

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Saku Tuominen
Chair & Co-Founder
Annina Huhtala
Content Director
(on parental leave)
Lasse Leponiemi
Executive Director
David Connolly
Head of Growth
Crystal Green
Head of Research
Meghan Hammond
Project Manager
Heini Karppinen
Chief Operating Officer
Anna Paula Herrera
Community Coordinator
Karin Metsäpelto
Communications Manager
Mariah Voutilainen
Research Coordinator
Jamie Lee
Project Coordinator
Ariana Gonchigdorj
Research Intern
Lauren Ziegler
Education Advisor

HundrED Community

We believe in the power of diverse perspectives. That is why we are growing a community of 28 country leads and over 1000 education enthusiasts from all around the world.

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Our flagship work

Learn more about our services and find out how different education stakeholders leverage our tools and solutions to deliver impact.

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Global Collections

We select annually the 100 most scalable and impactful education innovations into our global collections. This work is supported by our global partners.


Together with our partners, we deep-dive into topical and regional themes in education and identify scalable solutions in our Spotlight projects.


Once solutions have been identified, it’s time to put them in action. Our Tailor-Made process helps partners to implement scalable innovations into their local context.


Our work is supported by our partners.

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HundrED Research

How do we evaluate the impact and scalability of education innovations? Learn more about our research methods.

Partner with us

Do you have a challenge in mind that you would like to find validated solutions for? Learn more about our services.

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