We help improve education 
through impactful innovations.

What is HundrED?

HundrED is a global education non profit. Our mission is to help improve education through impactful innovations. Everything we do starts with a child in mind and is based on our manifesto. We work with innovators, educators and funders in all continents.
Global collection

Yearbook 2020

The annual Global Collection highlights 100 of the brightest innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. Now in our third Collection, the goal is to help pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations spread across the world. 

We evaluate each innovation for its impact and scalability based on the latest information and from multiple perspectives (e.g. teachers, students, leaders, innovators). For example, this year, as part of our selection process, a total of 2008 reviews were made by our expert Academy Members. We hope that this Collection will contribute to our mission at HundrED so that every child has the opportunity to flourish in life.

Download HundrED Yearbook 2020 for free to learn more about our research process, the impact of education innovations and which innovations were selected for 2020. 

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Quality Education for all during Covid-19

Health officials are currently taking steps to prevent the introduction and spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) into communities across the world. The pandemic situation is affecting the lives of many students, families & communities. This special collection is compiling stories and solutions from schools around the world doing their best for students.

Our approach


The starting point of our work is always an educator´s need. For example: “how should we teach critical thinking skills?” or ”how can we improve assessment?”


Almost always there are several good solutions that already exist. We identify them and connect educators with innovators.


However, that is only the beginning. We don´t believe in quick fixes. We help you to create a long term implementation plan and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


Together with our partners we help educators, innovators and funders

For educators

We identify well researched and impactful solutions to various problems, challenges and needs that educators all over the world might have and help in the implementation process.


For innovators

We offer visibility, encouragement and credibility innovators deserve and try to create meaningful connections with educators.


For funders

Sometimes funders have resources but cannot identify solutions that have a track record and potential to work in multiple locations. We are happy to help.


For Partners

Our partners are visionary leaders that are promoting education innovation through our collaborative projects on every continent.


Let’s work together!
HundrED Articles

Impact Stories

Read the latest education innovation success stories at HundrED Media.
impact story
Celebrating European Day of Languages with the Release of our Spotlight on Bilingual Education
Following a year-long search HundrED, in partnership with the Swedish Cultural Foundation, has published our first-ever Spotlight on Bilingual Education. This Spotlight highlights creative solutions t
impact story
Report Finds Finnish Education System’s Dependency on Project-Based Funding is a Double-Edged Sword
Following a year-long research process HundrED, in partnership with The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI), is to release a report examining the innovation-friendliness of the education sec
impact story
Smart School Alliance on Closing the Gap Between Urban & Rural Schools in Education
Smart School Alliance is an online and offline community creating equal learning rights for the next generation, inviting top teachers from metropolitan areas to instruct students of outlying islands
impact story
How Broad Class is Scaling Their Impact in Rural Communities
Broad Class - Listen to Learn, Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) program is a distance education program that combines radio broadcast with active learning to improve quality, equity & inclusiveness
community impact story
HEI Schools, Setting The Bar For Quality Education In Early Childhood Education
HEI Schools, selected for HundrED 2019 & HundrED 2020 is spreading their playful early childhood education model based on the Finnish early childhood education curriculum to as many children as possib

HundrED Community

We are really proud of our growing global community. We are connecting like-minded education forerunners from all over the world. In our community we have not only educators, innovators and funders but also HundrED Ambassadors, Youth Ambassadors and Academy members.

People we work with